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13/5/2021 11:32
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How to write beautifully.
Today we will talk about how to learn how to write beautifully.

There are a few tricky tricks to this, and if you apply them, your level of writing will rise to a whole new level.Or u can always use best paper writing service reddit.

Personality and its emotions
In what case do they say: "This text is beautiful, but this one is ugly?"

"Tasty" prose is when you see a living person behind it, and you like this person. That is, you need to prescribe in advance what kind of person your story will lead:

· The hero of your work?

· You yourself?

· Some outsider?

Your storyteller should feel some emotion about what is happening.

One sentence - but we immediately feel the emotions that are embedded in this text. We see the attitude of the narrator to the situation, and as a result, his emotional charge is transmitted to us.

From the very beginning, we prescribe the mood that your text should create. It can be something funny, lyrical or tragic, but behind this you should always see the character of the narrator or the main character.

Energy of the text
We think over what kind of energy we need in a given place.

I am quoting Furmanov's novel Chapaev:

There is a crush at the station. A dark darkness to the people. The Red Army chain along the platform slightly holds the lively, buzzing crowd. Today at midnight the workers' detachment assembled by Frunze is leaving for Kolchak.

See how it's done:

· All words are "strong" and clear, behind them there are specific images.

· The phrases are short and create intense tension.

Why does it work like this? Because the author himself deeply felt all this - the crush, the dark darkness, the hum. He seems to see with his own eyes this chain stretched along the platform, and from all the abundance of images he chooses exactly what is needed.

What makes the text better?



Try to describe the hero or yourself as the storyteller of your best friend or worst enemy. This will give you the opportunity to look at your character from the side.

Use irony: write about nasty habits that annoy everyone, mistakes, bloopers and reactions to them.

Also, unexpected comparisons and vivid metaphors give flavor to the text.

How, for example, can you describe a tragic dance? You will not say that your character raised his hand or turned his leg ...

It can be written like this:

His silhouette did not move, but flowed in the twilight space, like black smoke from a burnt match.

Really, you don't need anything else? A beautiful comparison immediately shows the readers how our dancer moved.

Signs of ugly text

Clumsy proportions



· "Sleepy look"

Deceit and attempts to get into trust

Obvious imitation

We also remember that structure is very important in large texts.

If you're at odds with the plot, you should probably read your writing textbooks or listen to related lectures. This usually helps.

And it is also important to think about what exactly the reader will leave you with? What mood will he have? What knowledge? What will he understand?

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