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1/5/2021 23:46
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The hidden danger from scorched "toast"

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Anyone who likes to eat charred toast. May increase the risk of cancer for yourself without knowing.

Dr. Thidakan Rujipattanakul or Dr. Ping, a specialist in dermatology and anti-aging medicine Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital stated on the Pleasehealth Books Facebook page that the toast may have found "potentially" carcinogenic substances.

“Food Standards Agency (FSA), a British government agency. The food safety governing body has launched Go For Gold campaign, which has been ongoing campaign since 2017. Eat toasted toasts, but in moderation. Let the bread color just turn golden yellow.Avoid eating toast that is browned and brown.This goes for other starchy foods like potatoes.

"The reason for the campaign in this matter Due to starchy foods such as bread or potatoes, when it has to be brought over high heat. Until the color turns brown Will contain high acrylamide (Acrylamide), which in animal experiments showed that This substance is associated with carcinogenicity. But human trials It cannot be concluded at this time.

“The FSA commented that When the carcinogenic status of acrylamide is still ambiguous. Campaign for people to know And be aware of consumption Probably the role that should be done at the moment. Which this campaign Did not want people to panic to the point that they stopped eating toast Just to know how to grill, but in moderation Avoid eating toasted bread that is browned. As the name suggests, the campaign is Go for gold.

In conclusion, brown toast toast contains substances that "may" cause cancer. Should only light yellow toasted When it smells better Avoid charred toast.

In addition, bread should be eaten along with other foods such as meat, eggs, vegetables, and fruit for complete nutrition. In addition to choosing to eat everything in moderation Eat a variety of other foods, focusing on natural foods, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other clean foods. For sustainable health

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